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dance JOKES (random)

Two fonts walk into a line dance club.
The barman says to them, "Get out.
We don't serve your type here."

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 1 - An avid line dancing couple go to the doctor for a check up because they are having trouble re... More ››
 2 - These two friends are about to go to a club. One of them has a wooden eye. He said ''If someone... More ››
 3 - Why did the little kid dance on the jar of jam? Because the top said, "Twist to open."... More ››
 4 - What do cows like to line dance to ? Any kind of moosic you like !... More ››
 5 - What do you call someone who dances on cars ? A morris dancer !... More ››
 6 - How do you make a tissue dance ? Put a little boogie in it !... More ››
 7 - Andy: "Doc, I had the worst dream of my life last night. I dreamed I was with twelve of the most... More ››
 8 - There was a dance teacher who talked of a very old dance called the Politician. "All you have to... More ››
 9 - What is the difference between a dancer and a duck? One goes quick on her beautiful legs, the oth... More ››
 10 - Q. What's the difference between a line dance instructor and a dentist? A. A dentist lets you... More ››
 11 - How do you see that a linedancer came from Belgium and not from the Netherlands? He wears the c... More ››
 12 - I've been invited to an avoidance. An avoidance? What's that? It's a dance for people who hate... More ››
 13 - Two fonts walk into a line dance club. The barman says to them, "Get out. We don't serve your... More ››
 14 - Q. How many line dance instructors does it take to change a light bulb? A. Five!...Six!...Seve... More ››
 15 - My dance partner dumped me for my best friend. Why? Was he a better dancer? Don't know, I never... More ››
 16 - Q. What do you call two line dancers doing the dance Shoot the Rooster? A. A Pair of Shoot (par... More ››
 17 - Q. Why did the line dancer cross the dance floor? A. To get to the other (Electric) Slide!... More ››
 18 - What did the overweight ballet dancer perform ? The dance of the sugar plump fairy !... More ››
 19 - Q. What do you have when only one line dancer comes to your party? A. A One Liner!... More ››
 20 - Why did the two knives go to the dance together? Because they both looked sharp!... More ››
 21 - What animals are poor dancers? Four-legged ones, because they have two left feet.... More ››
 22 - What do you get if you cross an insect and a dance ? A cricket ball !... More ››
 23 - Which dances do the burgers do best? The burger-loo and the char char!... More ››
 24 - Why don't dogs make good dancers ? Because they have two left feet !... More ››
 25 - Q. What do you call a line dancer on a cruise? A. An Ocean "Liner"... More ››
 26 - Q. What do you call a one legged linedancer? A. Eileen (I Lean)... More ››
 27 - Q. What is good for your soul but not your soles? A. Linedancing!... More ››
 28 - What dance do you do when summer is over? Tango (tan go).... More ››
 29 - Q. Where can you dance in California? A. San Fran-disco... More ››
 30 - What sort of dance do fish do at parties ? The conga !... More ››
 31 - Q. Where do tired linedancers go for Breakfast? A. Ihop... More ››
 32 - Q. What do tired line dancers do? A. They Line Down :-)... More ››
 33 - How do they dance in Arabia? Sheik-to-sheik (cheek).... More ››
 34 - What dance did the Pilgrims do? The Plymouth Rock.... More ››
 35 - What's a vampire's favorite dance? The Fang Tango.... More ››
 36 - Who is tall, dark and a great dancer ? Dark Raver !... More ››
 37 - Where can you dance in California? San Frandisco.... More ››
 38 - What is a duck's favorite dance ? The quackstep !... More ››
 39 - Which dance will a chicken not do ? The foxtrot !... More ››
 40 - What do baby swans dance to ? Cygnet-ure-tunes !... More ››
 41 - What is a frog's favorite dance? The Lindy Hop.... More ››
 42 - What's a vampire's favorite dance? The Vaults.... More ››
 43 - What dance do hippies hate? A square dance.... More ››
 44 - What do cars do at the disco? Brake dance.... More ››
 45 - What kind of dance do buns do? Abundance.... More ››
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