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political JOKES (random)

Two men were stopped by a TV newswoman doing street interviews about the upcoming presidential primary election.
"I'm not voting for any of the candidates," the first man said.
"I don't know any of them." "I feel the same way," the second man said.
"Only I know them all."

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 78 - Osama bin Laden threatened Russia: If you get caught up in this war... I'll hide from you too!... More ››
 79 - Q: Why do they always fly around a live turkey in a cage on Air Force 1? A: For spare parts.... More ››
 80 - Q: How do you spot Al Gore in a room full of secret service agents? A: He's the stiff one.... More ››
 81 - Q: How many republicans does it take to raise your taxes? A: None. The democrats do that.... More ››
 82 - Q: Why did the Davidians commit suicide? A: They were trying to keep up with the Joneses.... More ››
 83 - Q: What do the Republicans have that Bill Clinton wishes he had? A: A mandate to govern.... More ››
 84 - QUESTION: How long does a United States Congressman serve? ANSWER: Until he gets caught.... More ››
 85 - Q: You know what the problem with political jokes is, don't you? A: They get elected.... More ››
 86 - What is the difference between the government and the Mafia? One of them is organized.... More ››
 87 - QUESTION: Name the loser in the 1976 presidential race. ANSWER: The American people.... More ››
 88 - Q: What is the basement where White House staffers work called? A: The whine cellar.... More ››
 89 - It has been said that the United States has the best congressmen money can buy.... More ››
 90 - "Are you a member of any organized political party?" "No. I'm a Republican."... More ››
 91 - Q: How do you know when a liberal is really dead? A: His heart stops bleeding.... More ››
 92 - Definition: Politics Poli (Poly): Many.... Tic(k)s: Blood sucking creatures... More ››
 93 - Q: What's a conservative? A: A liberal who made it through adolescence.... More ››
 94 - Q: What were the three toughest years in Al Gore's life? A: Grade six.... More ››
 95 - Q: What has dual airbags and has lots of room? A: The White House.... More ››
 96 - Q: What is a conservative? A: A liberal who's been mugged.... More ››
 97 - Why are Vampires Democrats? They want Gore in 2000.... More ››
 98 - How does Al Gore spell potato? T-A-T-E-R.... More ››
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