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college JOKES (random)

Astronomy Professor: What causes a half-moon?
Student: When you can't get your jeans over your thighs.

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 53 - What do they call a bunch of Mississippi football players standing in a circle holding hands?... More ››
 54 - Did you hear about the University of Miami fullback who stayed up all night studying for his uri... More ››
 55 - Astronomy Professor: What causes a half-moon? Student: When you can't get your jeans over your t... More ››
 56 - "Did you hear? Lament's gettin' a Ph.D." "What does Ph.D. stand for?" "in his case, Pin-headed... More ››
 57 - There was the Florida State defensive tackle who thought Hertz Van Rentals was a famous Dutch pa... More ››
 58 - And then there was the UCLA professor who opened up his vest, pulled out his tie and wet his pan... More ››
 59 - Teenage Driver: But, officer, I'm a college man. Policeman: Sorry, but ignorance is no excuse.... More ››
 60 - What's the difference between an American student and an English student ? About 3000 miles !... More ››
 61 - What do you get if you cross a student and an alien ? Something from another universe -ity !... More ››
 62 - What is a Furman freshman doing when he grasps at thin air? Collecting his thoughts.... More ››
 63 - How do you get a Texas Tech senior's eyes to sparkle? Shine a flashlight in his ears.... More ››
 64 - What do you call ten Utah State law students standing ear to ear? A wind tunnel.... More ››
 65 - Why don't Purdue athletes eat pickles? They can't get their heads in the jar.... More ››
 66 - What do you get when you cross a Texas Aggie with an ape? A retarded ape.... More ››
 67 - What does the N on the Nebraska football helmet stand for? "Nowledge."... More ››
 68 - How do you measure a Villanova graduate's I.Q.? With a tire gauge.... More ››
 69 - On what kind of ships do students study? Scholarships.... More ››
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