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zoo JOKES (random)

My wife asked me to take her to the zoo the other day.
I said, "If you want people to see you they can come here and do it!"

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 28 - My wife asked me to take her to the zoo the other day. I said, "If you want people to see you th... More ››
 29 - Caller: Finally! I got through! I've been trying to call the zoo for hours! Zookeeper: Yes, al... More ››
 30 - Zoo visitor: What's the new baby hippo's name? Hippopotamus keeper: I don't know, he won't tell... More ››
 31 - Why did the Irishman buy two tickets to the zoo? One to get in and one to get out.... More ››
 32 - When an ape visits his tailor, what kind of a suit does he order? A zoo-t suit!... More ››
 33 - You don't see many reindeer in zoos, do you? No. They can't afford the admission.... More ››
 34 - I took my son to the zoo yesterday. Really, did they accept him?... More ››
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