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farmer JOKES (random)

A jogger running down a country road is startled as a horse yells at him "Hey-come over hear buddy".
The jogger is stunned but runs over to the fence where the horse is standing and asks"Were you talking to me"?
The horse replies"Sure was, man I've got a problem.
I won the Kentucky Derby a few years ago and this farmer bought me and now all I do is pull a plow and I'm sick of it.
Why don't you run up to the house and offer him $5,000 to buy me.
I'll make you some money cause I can still run." The jogger thought to himself,"boy a talking horse" Dollar signs started appearing in his head.
So he runs to the house and the old farmer is sitting on the porch.
The jogger tells the farmer"Hey man I'll give you $5,000 for that old broken down nag you've got in the field".
The farmer replies"Son you can't believe anything that horse says-He's never even been to Kentucky.

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