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humor JOKES (random)

Three friends were stranded on a desert island.
After several weeks with no food and no drinking water, they were beginning to lose heart.
Suddenly, a bottle floated into the shore and a beautiful genie popped out.
She said "I have three wishes to grant.
Each of you gentleman can make one wish come true." Friend number one got excited.
He said "I wish I was in Las Vegas with dice in one hand and a drink in the other, surrounded by music, food, and beautiful women." Instantly he was gone, his wish granted.
Friend number two smiled and said, "I wish I was back home right now with my wonderful wife and our two small children, at our log cabin in the woods sitting in front of the fire and singing Christmas carols together." Just like that, he disappeared.
The genie asked the remaining man, "And what do you wish for?" He answered, "Gee, I wish I had my buddies back to help me dec ide..."

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 92 - Two guys are talking: (1) - I've bought a tour to my mother-in-law. (2) - Your mother-in-law???!... More ››
 93 - Did you hear about the fire in the rednecks library? Both the books got burned, and one hadn't... More ››
 94 - Meg's mother was visiting her daughter at camp. 'How did you find the steak dinner?' she asked.... More ››
 95 - My mother-in-law is like a fine French Impressionist painting. She's very lovely, but is best a... More ››
 96 - What's the difference between a sigh, a car and a monkey? A sigh is oh, dear. A car is too dear.... More ››
 97 - So the bus driver said to the string, "Are you a string?" and the string said, "No, I'm afraid... More ››
 98 - How many cashiers does it take to change a light bulb? "Are you kidding? They won't even change... More ››
 99 - Q. What did Snow white say when her photos didn't come back from the photo store? A. "Some day... More ››
 100 - My brother's looking for a girlfriend. Trouble is, he can't find a girl who loves him as much as... More ››
 101 - Camper: There's a leak over my bunk! Counselor: That's what we said in the camp ads. Running wate... More ››
 102 - Martin asked David, "In which state does the Ohio River run?" David answered with cool, "In the... More ››
 103 - Q. What do Fred Flintstone and Osama Bin Laden have in common? A. They both look out their caves... More ››
 104 - Camper: There's a leak over my bunk! Counselor: Shh! Don't make such a fuss. Soon everyone will... More ››
 105 - Dad, did you manage to fix my toy? No, it's not broken, the battery's flat. Well, what shape s... More ››
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 109 - What's the best way to increase the size of your bank balance? Look at it through a magnifying... More ››
 110 - My mother-in-law has got so many double chins it looks like she is peering over a pile of panc... More ››
 111 - My mother-in-law was bitten by a dog yesterday. How is she now ? She's fine. But, the dog di... More ››
 112 - Did you hear about the man in the electric chair who asked the executioner to reverse the charge... More ››
 113 - Mother: Fred, why did you put a slug in your grandma's bed? Fred: Because I couldn't find a snak... More ››
 114 - Why did the kangaroo love the little Australian bear? Because the bear had many fine koala-tie... More ››
 115 - What happened to the wizard who ran away with the circus? The police made him bring it back again... More ››
 116 - Sammy: My parents are sending me to camp. Tammy: Why? Do you need a vacation? Sammy: No. They do... More ››
 117 - Q: Why couldn't the animals on Noah's Ark play cards? A: Because Noah was standing on the deck... More ››
 118 - How many applicants does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but 200 applied for the job.... More ››
 119 - Q. Is it possible to kill a mother-in-law with newspaper? A. Yes, if you wrap an iron in it.... More ››
 120 - Do you love me? Of course Then whisper something soft and sweet in my ear Lemon meringue pie !... More ››
 121 - Why did the knight run about shouting for a tin opener ? He had a bee in his suit of armour !... More ››
 122 - Did you hear about the ghoul's favorite hotel? It had running rot and mould in every room.... More ››
 123 - Clown: Why are you wearing such a large shirt? Second Clown: I always perform in the big top.... More ››
 124 - What happened when the monster kissed his one true love? He left lip prints on the mirror!... More ››
 125 - How many brewers does it take to change a light bulb? Third as many as for a regular bulb.... More ››
 126 - Camper: There's a leak over my bunk! Counselor: Don't complain. It only leaks when it rains.... More ››
 127 - Sharon: I'm so homesick. Sheila: But this is your home! Sharon: I know and I'm sick of it.... More ››
 128 - Freda: Boys whisper they love me. Fred: Well, they wouldn't admit it out loud, would they?... More ››
 129 - Q: Whatever happened to the bedbugs who fell in love? A: They got married in the spring.... More ››
 130 - What's the difference between ignorance and indifference? I don't know and I don't care!... More ››
 131 - Why did the janitor take early retirement? Because he realized that grime doesn't pay.... More ››
 132 - Q: Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door? A: To win the no-bell prize.... More ››
 133 - Did you hear about the man who jumped in the Hudson River? He committed sewercide.... More ››
 134 - What would you get if you crossed a monster with the god of love? A stupid Cupid!... More ››
 135 - Why is the Liberty Bell like a dropped Easter egg? Because they're both cracked!... More ››
 136 - Why did the teacher decide to become an electrician? To get a bit of light relief.... More ››
 137 - Last night I dreamt I ate a giant marshmallow. When I woke up my pillow was gone !... More ››
 138 - What's a cow's favourite love song? When I fall in love , it will be for heifer.... More ››
 139 - They're perfectly matched. He's blinded by love and her looks are out of sight !... More ››
 140 - What's a cow's favourite love song? When I fall in love, it will be for heifer.... More ››
 141 - What does a man who loves his car do on February 14? He gives it a valenshine!... More ››
 142 - If you need a loan, who do you see in the bank? The Loan Arranger (Lone Ranger).... More ››
 143 - Q: Why did the haunted house not like rain? A: Because it dampened his spirits.... More ››
 144 - Do you know the difference between genius and stupid? "Genius has its limits."... More ››
 145 - How do you cook vegatables in the microwave ? Take them out their wheelchair.... More ››
 146 - What do you call a nun with a washing machine on her head ? Sister Matic !... More ››
 147 - Q: Why did the Mummy go to the bathroom? A: To wrap itself in toilet paper!... More ››
 148 - Q: Why did the clown wear loud socks? A: So his feet wouldn't fall asleep.... More ››
 149 - Q: What did the hat say to the necktie? A: You go AHEAD I'll HANG AROUND!... More ››
 150 - Q. Have you heard the latest scandal? A. Dr. Pepper was drunk at a party.... More ››
 151 - Q. Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? A. He didn't have the guts too... More ››
 152 - What is the most breathless thing on television ? The Pink Panter Show !... More ››
 153 - Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by you again?... More ››
 154 - What did one rock pool say to the other rock pool? Show me your mussels.... More ››
 155 - What did the painter say to her boyfriend? "I love you with all my art!"... More ››
 156 - Why are Saturday and Sunday so strong? Because the rest are weekdays.... More ››
 157 - Q. Why did the belt go to jail? A. Because he held up a pair of pants!... More ››
 158 - Did you hear the one about the phoney Cupid? He was totally bow-gus!... More ››
 159 - How is a bell obedient? It sounds off only when it is told (tolled).... More ››
 160 - Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again?... More ››
 161 - Q: Why did the clown cross the road? A: To find his rubber chicken.... More ››
 162 - What do you get if you cross a toilet with a pop singer ? Loo-Loo !... More ››
 163 - Why did the boxer date the pretty girl? Because she was a knockout!... More ››
 164 - What did the bell say when it fell in the water? I'm wringing wet.... More ››
 165 - Q. What do you call a ginger bread man wit one leg? A. Limp biskit... More ››
 166 - Why was the banker bored? Because he lost interest in everything.... More ››
 167 - Why can't you keep secrets in a bank? Because of all the tellers.... More ››
 168 - What did the elephant say to his girlfriend? "I love you a ton!"... More ››
 169 - Where did the fortune-teller go on her vacation? To Palm Beach.... More ››
 170 - What did one amorous flea say to the other? I love you aw-flea.... More ››
 171 - Q. Why do bakers work so hard? A. Because they need the dough... More ››
 172 - What do lovesick owls say when it's raining? Too-wet-to-woo.... More ››
 173 - What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? A stick.... More ››
 174 - Q: Where do people who say "shoot" and "darn" go to? A: Heck... More ››
 175 - What is an archaeologist ? Someone who's career is in ruins !... More ››
 176 - What do you call a guard with a hundred legs? A sentrypede.... More ››
 177 - Which painter always had a very bad cold? Vincent Van Cough... More ››
 178 - Do you know the punishment for bigamy? Two mothers-in-law.... More ››
 179 - My teacher loves me - she puts kisses against all my sums.... More ››
 180 - Q. What is the bigest pencil in the world? A. Pennsylvania... More ››
 181 - What do you call a tube with a degree? A graduated cylinder.... More ››
 182 - Q: Why don't you wear snow boots? A: Because they'll melt.... More ››
 183 - Q: What's black, white and read all over? A: A newspaper.... More ››
 184 - What did one bell say to the other? "Be my valenchime!"... More ››
 185 - What do you call a bell wearing a tutu ? A bellerina !... More ››
 186 - Question: What goes up and never comes down? Answer: Up... More ››
 187 - Q: What did the cook say to the dough? A: I "NEED" you!... More ››
 188 - Who does a ghoul fall in love with? His ghoul friend.... More ››
 189 - What is the most romantic city in England? Loverpool!... More ››
 190 - What do you call a man who cleans out toilets ? Lou !... More ››
 191 - What kind of hair do oceans have? ...Wavy hair.... More ››
 192 - What do you call an amorous insect? The love bug.... More ››
 193 - What do you call two birds in love? Tweethearts!... More ››
 194 - What do you call an Igloo without a toilet ? An Ig !... More ››
 195 - Where do mermaids go to see movies? ...The dive-in... More ››
 196 - Why was six scared of seven? Because seven ate nine.... More ››
 197 - Q. What did dela wear?(Delaware) A. Her New Jersey... More ››
 198 - How do you get pikachu on to a boat? You pokemon... More ››
 199 - How much is 5Q and 5Q? 10Q. "You're welcome. "... More ››
 200 - What runs all day but never gets tired? Water.... More ››
 201 - What's blue and sings alone? - Dan Ackroyd.... More ››
 202 - What kind of bell doesn't ring? A dumbbell.... More ››
 203 - What do you use to cut the ocean? A seasaw... More ››
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