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dentist JOKES (random)

I thought, Miss Smith, that you wanted yesterday afternoon off because you were seeing your dentist?
That's right, Sir.
So how come I saw you coming out of the movie theatre with a friend?
That was my dentist.

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 53 - At what time do most people go to the dentist? At tooth-hurty (2:30).... More ››
 54 - What time is it when you have to go to the dentist ? Tooth Hurty !... More ››
 55 - Why do people dislike going to the dentist? Because he is boring.... More ››
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 66 - What do you call the Scottish dentist ? Phil McCavity !... More ››
 67 - Dentist: Don't worry. I'm painless. Patient: I'm not.... More ››
 68 - What is a dentist's office? A filling station.... More ››
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