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business JOKES (random)

Another friend of mine is a very successful businessman.
He started with five thousand pounds - now he owes fifty-five million.

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 66 - "Information? I need the number of the Caseway Insurance Company." "Would you spell that, plea... More ››
 67 - An applicant was filling out a job application. When he came to the question, "Have you ever bee... More ››
 68 - Two neighbors were talking about work, when one asked, "Say, why did the foreman fire you?"... More ››
 69 - A wealthy investor walked into a bank and said to the bank manager, "I would like to speak with... More ››
 70 - A man went to apply for a job. After filling out all of his applications, he waited anxiously... More ››
 71 - An organization is like a tree full of monkeys... all on different limbs,... at different le... More ››
 72 - The banker fell overboard from a friend's sailboat. The friend grabbed a life preserver, held i... More ››
 73 - A businessman was confused about a bill he had received, so he asked his secretary for some mathe... More ››
 74 - This guy is walking with his friend. He says to this friend, "I'm a walking economy." The frie... More ››
 75 - An Arthur Anderson partner comes back to his office and says to his manager, "Did you get my mes... More ››
 76 - There was once a high-powered businessman who insisted on taking his three secretaries everywher... More ››
 77 - An Irishman goes for a job on a building site. The man says, "Can you brew tea?" The Irish... More ››
 78 - Boss: "I've decided to use humor in the office. Experts say humor eases tension, which is import... More ››
 79 - When Bernard got fired from his last job they were really tough. They made him hand back his key... More ››
 80 - Boss: "I can assure you that the value of the average employee will continue to increase." Emp... More ››
 81 - 'I'm very sad to announce this morning, girls, that Miss Jones has decided to retire,' said the... More ››
 82 - When I asked my boss for a salary rise because I was doing the work of three men he said he coul... More ››
 83 - Employer: "In this job we need someone who is responsible." Applicant: "I'm the one you want.... More ››
 84 - Q: Why did the bank drive-up window teller have tire tread marks across the back of his grey sui... More ››
 85 - "I'm not saying that the customer service in my bank is bad, but when I went in the other day an... More ››
 86 - INTERVIEWER to job applicant: "Do you think you could come up with any reason you want this jo... More ››
 87 - Did you hear about the businessman who is so rich he has two swimming pools, one of which is alw... More ››
 88 - "Young man, do you think you can handle a variety of work?" "I ought to be able to. I've had... More ››
 89 - Another friend of mine is a very successful businessman. He started with five thousand pounds -... More ››
 90 - Monster: Stick 'em down. Ghost: Don't you mean, stick 'em up. Monster: No wonder I'm not makin... More ››
 91 - What did the ruthless businessman say to his employees? If at first you don't succeed - you're... More ››
 92 - Q: What do you call a credit union volunteer in a room full of bank directors? A: A superior... More ››
 93 - I'm always delighted when people stick their noses in my business - my company makes paper tis... More ››
 94 - Mom and Dad are in the iron and steel business. She does the ironing and he does the stealing.... More ››
 95 - What happens when business is slow at a medicine factory? You can hear a cough drop.... More ››
 96 - Why did the electrician close early on Mondays? Because business was very light.... More ››
 97 - Why did the doughnut maker retire? He was fed up with the hole business.... More ››
 98 - Q: What does Santa call his wife at tax time? A: A dependent Claus.... More ››
 99 - My husband's business is rather up-and-down - he makes yo-yos.... More ››
 100 - What business is King Kong in? Monkey business.... More ››
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