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computer JOKES (random)

A doctor, a civil engineer, and a computer scientist were arguing about what was the oldest profession in the world.
The doctor remarked "Well, in the Bible it says that God created Eve from a rib taken from Adam.
This clearly required surgery so I can rightly claim that mine is the oldest profession in the world." The civil engineer interrupted and said "But even earlier in the book of Genesis, it states that God created the order of the heavens and the earth from out of the chaos.
This was the first and certainly the most spectacular application of civil engineering.
Therefore, fair doctor, you are wrong; mine is the oldest profession in the world." The computer scientist leaned back in his chair, smiled, and said confidently, "Ah, but who do you think created the chaos?

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 102 - Would you like to buy a second-hand computer? I'm afraid not. I'm only able to type with one hand... More ››
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 107 - Q. What creature has the best aptitude for engineering ? A. The spider -- It has its own webs... More ››
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 113 - Why do programmers always get Christmas and Halloween mixed up? Because DEC 25 = OCT 31... More ››
 114 - Why do computer teachers never get sick? Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.... More ››
 115 - Q: What does a proud computer call his little son? A: A microchip off the old block.... More ››
 116 - What do you get if you stuff your computer's disk drive with herbs? A thyme machine.... More ››
 117 - What do you get if you cross a computer with a ballet dancer? The Netcracker suite.... More ››
 118 - Mum, Mum, Dad's broken my computer! How did he do that? I dropped it on his head.... More ››
 119 - Want to buy a pocket computer? No, thanks, I already know how many pockets I've got.... More ››
 120 - Q: What happens if you cross a midget and a computer? A: You get a short circut.... More ››
 121 - Customer: "Wait, that password looks really gray. I'm going to type it in again."... More ››
 122 - Why all Pascal programmers ask to live in Atlantis? Because it is below C level.... More ››
 123 - Why did the duck stick his leg into a computer? He wanted to have webbed feet.... More ››
 124 - Why did the dish and spoon hide their computer? The cat kept fiddling with i.t.... More ››
 125 - What's the difference between Windows 95 and a virus? A virus does something.... More ››
 126 - How do you stop your laptop batteries from running out? Hide their trainers.... More ››
 127 - What did one keyboard say to the other keyboard? Sorry, you're not my type.... More ››
 128 - Q: What is the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 98? A: 3 years... More ››
 129 - What is an astronaut's favorite key on a computer keyboard? The space bar.... More ››
 130 - What do you get if you take your computer to an ice rink? A slipped disk.... More ››
 131 - Why was there a bug in the computer? It was looking for a byte to eat.... More ››
 132 - What do you get if you cross a computer with a hamburger? A big mac.... More ››
 133 - What happened when the computer fell on the floor? It slipped a disk.... More ››
 134 - Which football team to you need to connect up your computer? Leeds.... More ››
 135 - Who holds up stagecoaches and steals laptop computers? Click Turpin... More ››
 136 - The attention span of a computer is as long as its electrical cord.... More ››
 137 - To err is human; but to really mess things up requires a computer.... More ››
 138 - What do you do if your computer hums? Tell it to change its socsks!... More ››
 139 - What do you get if you cross a constable with a computer? PC Plod.... More ››
 140 - Got this email from a friend: CanYouFixTheSpaceBarOnMyKeyboard?... More ››
 141 - Where is the best place to buy computer software? Washington C.D... More ››
 142 - What do computer experts do at weekends? Go for a disk drive.... More ››
 143 - Q. How does Bill Gates enter his house? A. He uses "windows".... More ››
 144 - Q: What's the best way to accelerate a Mac? A: 9.81 m/s2... More ››
 145 - Computers are not intelligent. They only think they are.... More ››
 146 - Q: Which way did the programmer go? A: He went DATA way!... More ››
 147 - Why did the computer act crazy? It had a screw loose.... More ››
 148 - When do computers go to sleep? When it's internight.... More ››
 149 - Where does an elephant carry its laptop? In its trunk.... More ››
 150 - My computer isn't that nervous. It's just a bit ANSI.... More ››
 151 - What do computers eat when they get hungry? Chips.... More ››
 152 - Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.... More ››
 153 - What is a computer virus? A terminal illness.... More ››
 154 - What did the mouse say to the webcam? Cheese.... More ››
 155 - Who sits on Cinderella's keyboard? Buttons.... More ››
 156 - Customer: "How do I print my voicemail?"... More ››
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